Friday, December 9, 2011

The TV Card Frame - chosen card visually appears in clear frame - Magic Trick Review

This is really a classic platform, stage magic card trick which I used in my stand-up comedy magic show for many years. Now that I'm revisiting it, I'm gonna add it to some upcoming shows. 

The TV Card Frame is displayed to the audience. It consists of a wooden stand stand and two clear, plexiglass plates. A spectator selects a card, tears into pieces and retains one piece. Any spectator may examine the plexiglass plates and rubberband them together. They are then placed on a wooden stand in clear view at all times. The magician then vanishes the remaining card pieces and instructs the spectator to throw the rest of the deck of cards at the plexiglass plates. The cards all fall to the floor except one card has appeared IN BETWEEN THE PLEXIGLASS PLATES---WITH A PIECE MISSING.

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The spectator is handed the plexiglass plates, removes the rubber bands, removes the card and the retained piece perfectly matches the produced card.

Is that description an exaggeration? Nope. Which is why I've always loved this trick. It's pretty easy to set-up and perform and the climax is visually amazing. The plexiglass plates are totally see-through and are never covered or out of view of the audience. Sometimes, rather than have the cards thrown at the frame (because I'm lazy and don't want another mess to clean up after the show), I just tell the audience to focus on the frame, I count to three and the card VISIBLY APPEARS in frame right before their eyes.

This effect is strongly recommended for anyone looking for a visual addition to a stage or platform show. If you purchase the TV Card Frame, shoot me an email afterward and I'll respond with some details on my handling of the effect and a couple of cool methods for vanishing the card pieces.

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